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With unparalleled service and commitment to quality we strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

“The system you designed and provided for our US Army Corps project in Charleroi exceeded expectations. The project was based on a performance specification with difficult mix temperature requirements that we were able to meet without the use of nitrogen or ice. To my knowledge, this was the first time the Corps had seen the combination of a wet belt and sand cooler. This combination greatly reduced the operational cost of the facility and proved to be very reliable.”

-Frank A. Piedimonte, PE

Brayman Construction Corporation


Our Technology


Wet Belt Conveyors

A flooded wet belt conveyor system is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to installing an ice plant on your job site.


Ice Plants

Ice plants have been proven industry tough in even the most demanding environments and applications.


Sand Cooler-Heaters

Coldcrete uses chilled or heated air to cool and/or heat your sand.


Water Chillers

Water chillers used to chill the mix water are the first cooling technique that we employ.


Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen sometimes makes for an economical addition to the concrete cooling mix.


cement coolers

Coldcrete is proud to offer a new technique for cooling concrete- revolutionary and economical cement cooling!

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Coldcrete has successfully implemented and completed concrete cooling and heating projects around the world. Here are some of our featured projects.

Keeyask Generating Station

Northern Manitoba, Canada 2015-2017

  • Developer: BBE Hydro Constructors, LP
  • Project Type: Custom Concrete Cooling & Heating System
  • Project Specs: 300 meters3 per hour and 10°C placement specification

Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway

Folsom, California, USA 2013-2014

  • Developer: Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
  • Project Type: Custom Concrete Cooling System
  • Project Specs: 150 yards3 per hour and 55°F placement specification

With successful projects around the world and technology that saves our clients valuable time and capital, Coldcrete has remained an industry leader in concrete cooling for decades.

Coldcrete specializes in cost-effective concrete temperature control. We offer a variety of products whether you are a ready mixer in need of chilled mix water or a general contractor in need of a custom cooling or heating system. Coldcrete can meet your specific needs.

Coldcrete provides engineering and design for equipment such as ice plants, sand coolers, flooded wet belts, air handling units, cement coolers and even simple mix water chillers. We supply coarse aggregate cooling with chilled air and nitrogen systems as well as other coarse aggregate and post-cooling systems. With our wide variety of applications and equipment we can meet any concrete temperature specification, even 45°F (7.2°C) and lower.

Coldcrete offers chilling and heating systems that are available in both permanent and portable configurations.